The Dr. Nima
Signature Hydrafacial

Sep 2020

Hydrafacial is a world-famous treatment that is also very popular here in London. It is said that somewhere around the world, the treatment is completed every fifteen seconds. Loved by many famous faces and influencers, they come to Dr. Nima for his Signature Hydrafacial which includes the following steps and stages to get the best skin of your life.

dr nima signature hydrafacial

Step 1 – Cleanse and Exfoliate: The skin is firstly primed and cleaned of any surface dead skin cells, dirt and debris.

Step 2 – Skin Peel: A gentle but effective skin peel is then used to reach, target and treat the deeper dermal layers of your skin.

Step 3 – Vacuum Extraction: The famous extraction stage literally vacuums blackheads, make-up residue and pollutants from your face.

Step 4 – Hydrate and Fuse: The skin is then flooded with hydration and then sealed with the protective Hydrafacial serums.

Step 5 – Gunkie: You can then see the blackheads, dead skin cells and more that is extracted from your face as this all collects in a clear tube known as a ‘gunkie’.

Step 6 – LED Light Therapy: Lastly then, the facial is finished with an LED light therapy mask to keep the skin calm, fight acne-causing bacteria and more.

As you can see, there are many steps and stages to the Dr. Nima Signature Hydrafacial which will leave you with an instant glow straight after treatment. It can take between forty-five to sixty minutes to complete and there is no downtime either, so you can go about your day straightaway with your newly glowing skin. Depending on the starting condition of your skin, this treatment may be completed as a course to target and treat the likes of acne, acne scars, pigmentation, dry and rough skin and more at Dr. Nima’s London clinic locations.

Want to book an appointment with Dr. Nima? Please call the front desk at the clinic location which suits you best at the ‘Clinic’ section of our website; or send a direct message (DM) to our official Instagram account.