Healthy Lips, Hydrated Lips,
Plumped Lips

Jan 2021

Do you want healthy lips? Do you want hydrated lips? Do you even want a natural plumping effect for your lips?

If so, the Dr. Nima London REVIVE lip enhancers are the perfect product for you. Formulated by Dr. Nima over two years, here is how their medical-grade formula works wonders for your lips.

Healthy Lips
With extensive testing (never on animals), the REVIVE formula is enriched with antioxidants in order to protect your lips and promote long term lip health benefits with repeated use. The formula is also free from parabens (which may disrupt the hormonal system) and is made with your lip health in mind. As such, they are a product that not only feel luxurious on your lips, but actively work to help keep them healthy.

Hydrated Lips
They are also infused with moisturising properties to keep your lips supple and smooth with every application. Both the Matt and Gloss versions are made with a sleek rollerball applicator which is cooling and soothing on the lips – while also dispensing the perfect amount of product for your lips every time. Matt soaks into the lips and keeps them hydrated, while Gloss coats them in a non-sticky nude-coloured sheen. The very name REVIVE is also derived from the fact that they help dry and cracked lips recover and come back to life.

dr nima london revive lip enhancers healthy lips

Plumped Lips
Along with the health and hydration benefits listed above, the REVIVE lip enhancers also add a natural plumping effect to your lips. They contain a natural ingredient called capsicum which works to promote blood flow to the lips – resulting in a pinker and fuller pout with every application. This effect takes hold after a few minutes and can last for hours on end! Unlike other lip plumping products, REVIVE gets your lips to their natural best with their health and hydration aspects and then adds a perfect plump to make them look and feel even better.

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