Hydratite (Hydrafacial
and RF)

Dec 2020

In order to offer his clients both a skin cleansing and skin tightening treatment at once, Dr. Nima offers what is known as the Hydratite treatment.

Like the name suggests, this hydrates your skin (‘Hydra’) and tightens your skin too (‘tite’) during the same treatment. It combines steps of Dr. Nima’s Signature Hydrafacial with the Forma treatment. Here is how it works:

The treatment starts by completing steps of Dr. Nima’s Signature Hydrafacial treatment to cleanse, exfoliate, prime and protect your skin. This is also a very hydrating treatment for the skin – with some clients experiencing an over 70% increase in their skin hydration levels after treatment. This forms the skin cleansing part of Hydratite and is a great way to give your skin a supreme clean and radiance that most at home skincare products are unable to achieve.

Next, the handheld Forma device is passed over your face to emit radio frequency (RF) waves into your skin. These waves reach the deeper dermal layers of your skin and in doing so they trigger natural collagen production. This collagen then gets to work to tighten your skin and provide a lifted and sculpted effect over time. This can be seen especially at the jawline and jowl area as these areas can start to sag and the skin can start to loosen here as we age.

dr nima hydratite treatment

Taking all of the above into account, the Hydratite treatment is ideal for those who want an advanced aesthetic solution to dull skin, clogged pores and loose and sagging skin. Book in for a treatment before an upcoming event or photoshoot to have your skin and complexion looking its best. If you are just looking for a skin cleansing treatment, you can book in for the full Dr. Nima Signature Hydrafacial instead. Likewise if drastic skin tightening is your priority, consider booking in for a dedicated Forma or Morpheus8 treatment instead!

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