Lip Fillers in London
with Dr. Nima

May 2020

If looking for lip fillers in London, many famous faces and influencers seek out Dr. Nima for his artistic and careful touch that makes for beautifully natural results. He uses the industry-leading Juvéderm dermal filler products as they result in a supple and more natural feeling finish. Did you know that Juvéderm only supply their products to qualified and registered medical professionals when it comes to lip fillers in London and beyond? In this regard, this treatment with Dr. Nima keeps safety at the forefront with both premium products and with Dr. Nima being a verified practicioner to administer this treatment.

Available in all of his clinic locations; lip fillers in London with Dr. Nima are available in 0.5ml and 1ml amounts. 1.5ml can also be considered in some cases, but a complimentary consultation with Dr. Nima is required first. In fact Dr. Nima offers complimentary consultations before all of his treatments so that you can meet him in person to get all of your queries answered. At these he can also assess your skin and face in person to suggest the best course of action and the optimum treatments for the results you desire. Known as a semi-permanent treatment, lip fillers can last for many months (with the exact amount of time dependant on each individual patient – some even lasting for over a year).

lip fillers in london with dr nima

Some clients come with an idea of the shape, size and style they would like. They may have seen the perfect pair of lips in a picture or on a celebrity etc. and wish to emulate them. Dr. Nima will always work to get the look you desire, but his medical knowledge and expertise means that he also knows how to work within the natural confines of your lips to preserve their health and integrity. As such, your lip fillers will work to beautifully enhance your natural lips and let their beauty blossom, while they will also play a role in harmonising your facial features overall. For those who would like to increase the size of their lips without getting lip fillers, Dr. Nima’s luxurious lip plumping products are the perfect answer for you. You can purchase them here on this website if you click / tap here.

Want to book an appointment with Dr. Nima? Please call the front desk at the clinic location which suits you best at the ‘Clinic’ section of our website; or send a direct message (DM) to our official Instagram account.