Profile Balancing
in London

Jun 2020

Profile balancing is becoming a very popular treatment in London. It is best described as a combination of dermal filler treatments being used in unification – in order to achieve the perfect balance and harmony of facial features. This is best seen when at the side view (also known as the profile) of the client’s face.

They may be looking for a more defined area such as the chin, which will be harmonised in ratio to other areas like the nose, cheeks and lips. Dr. Nima uses dermal fillers (the industry-leading Juvéderm brand) at the required areas to achieve a balanced side profile and a more contoured and defined aesthetic overall.

profile balancing in london with dr nima

Clients may have insecurities regarding certain areas of their face such as the chin, nose, or cheek areas for example. A more balanced facial profile is usually the desired aesthetic and many are now availing of profile balancing in London. This is a great treatment (or ‘tweakment’) to avoid invasive surgery and to experience a bespoke facial balancing treatment using dermal fillers. Dr. Nima is well-known for his knowledge of the face and neck areas – using his artistic and careful touch when it comes to this and all of his popular dermal filler treatments for beautiful and natural-looking results.

He administers the fillers at such precision and expertise, distributing the precise amount every time. The injectable time itself is very short (profile balancing can be complete in one treatment) but the results can last for months on end, even up to eighteen months or more in some cases. The treatment usually takes no longer than twenty minutes in total and as there is little to no down time, you can usually return to your daily activities right away (Dr. Nima will of course advise of all of the aftercare protocols in person at your appointment).

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