Radio Frequency (RF)
in Aesthetics

Oct 2020

Although radio frequency (RF) has been highly regarded in therapeutic treatments for decades now, it has gained traction for use in aesthetics treatments too.

The main characteristics of radio frequency in aesthetics are that they have the ability to generate a thermic effect as they work through biological tissue, resulting in a great reduction in loose and saggy skin areas. This is achieved as the RF waves stimulate natural collagen production deep down in the dermal layers.

The most common aesthetic treatments to achieve maximum results using radio frequency technology are facelifts, fat reduction, body contouring, cellulite reduction, facial and body skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. The treatment functions in two main ways – which is to contact the dermis which stimulates a reduction in wrinkles and it also triggers an increase in collagen production, blood circulation and elastin. When these are combined, clients can see and experience amazing results of skin rejuvenation – especially with the reduction of loose and sagging skin.

radio frequency in aesthetics dr nima london

Ahead of your bespoke treatment with Dr. Nima, the are you are looking to target and treat will be covered in a numbing cream before the computer controlled radio frequency device gets to work. What this device is doing in simple terms is heating the skin level to encourage activity in the fat cells metabolic activity, which causes them to dramatically reduce in size. Although you will feel a warm sensation in the area, it is important to know that you will be in professional hands as Dr. Nima has an abundance of skin tightening experience and will communicate with you at all times.

Although our skin represents our life experiences, sometimes it does not reflect the entire truth. Sun damage and wrinkles can affect some more than others and can appear in many different ways that can make us lack in confidence. Radio frequency in aesthetics is your answer gaining your youthful aesthetic back and letting you fall back in love with the skin you’re in.

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