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5 Things to Know
About Lip Fillers

1. Numbing Cream
Dr. Nima begins by applying a numbing cream to the lips. This works to make the quick treatment as comfortable as possible, with the idea being that you can’t feel the needle of dermal filler at work. With this, the Dr. Nima Clinic makes sure to make all of your tweakments are comfortable with the use of effective numbing creams like this.

2. Appointments
Lip fillers usually only take one appointment to complete. Dr. Nima uses his careful and artistic touch to ensure natural-looking results during this time – leaving you with a perfect pair of lips. After your lip filler has settled fully, you can choose to have a follow-up appointment to ensure you are fully happy and satisfied with your lip fillers.

dr nima london lip fillers

3. Juvéderm
He also only uses the industry-leading Juvéderm brand of lip fillers. These can only be sold to qualified medical professionals. This is important because it means that not only is the quality of the dermal filler among the highest in the world; it is also being administered in the correct way by a practitioner who is knowledgeable of human anatomy and side effects.

4. Amounts
Lip fillers are available in both 0.5ml and 1ml amounts – depending on the aesthetic you are looking to achieve. This case below was 1ml for example and you can see how it worked to add increased shape, size, definition and overall volume for the client. If you are unsure of what amount you would like, you can book in for a complimentary consultation beforehand.

dr nima london lip fillers
5. Dissolving
They are not a permanent treatment as they will naturally break down over 6 – 12 months and can be dissolved to remove them sooner. Alternatively, some people may choose to start with the smaller 0.5ml amount and then have a ‘top-up treatment’ of another 0.5ml or 1ml in the future if they want even more of an increase in size, volume, shape and definition.

Want to book an appointment with Dr. Nima? Please call the front desk at the clinic location which suits you best at the ‘Clinic’ section of our website; or send a direct message (DM) to our official Instagram account.

Cheek Fillers

Dr. Nima is known for achieving your desired look using dermal fillers and the cheek filler enhancement is one such popular example. Cheek filler is a popular enrichment to the cheekbone area as it works to add volume to the cheek area while also tweaking the aesthetic of your face. It also helps to get rid of those deflated or under projected areas by helping to add more of a visual and visible facial contour.

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Profile Balancing
in London

Profile balancing is becoming a very popular treatment in London. It is best described as a combination of dermal filler treatments being used in unification – in order to achieve the perfect balance and harmony of facial features. This is best seen when at the side view (also known as the profile) of the client’s face.

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Lip Fillers in London
with Dr. Nima

If looking for lip fillers in London, many famous faces and influencers seek out Dr. Nima for his artistic and careful touch that makes for beautifully natural results. He uses the industry-leading Juvéderm dermal filler products as they result in a supple and more natural feeling finish. Did you know that Juvéderm only supply their products to qualified and registered medical professionals when it comes to lip fillers in London and beyond? In this regard, this treatment with Dr. Nima keeps safety at the forefront with both premium products and with Dr. Nima being a verified practicioner to administer this treatment.

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with Dr. Nima”