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Lockdown Skincare

While we cannot have our favourite beneficial skincare treatments during lockdown, Dr. Nima recommends the following skincare products and lockdown skincare tips to help perfect and optimise your at home skincare routine.

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Healthy Lips, Hydrated Lips,
Plumped Lips

Do you want healthy lips? Do you want hydrated lips? Do you even want a natural plumping effect for your lips?

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Plumped Lips”

Hydratite (Hydrafacial
and RF)

In order to offer his clients both a skin cleansing and skin tightening treatment at once, Dr. Nima offers what is known as the Hydratite treatment.

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and RF)”

Plump and Nourish Your Lips

Dr. Nima’s lip enhancers – called REVIVE – were two years in the making. They give you a tried and tested (never on animals) medical-grade formula that cares for, nourishes and plumps your lips. Here is how:

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with REVIVE”

Radio Frequency (RF)
in Aesthetics

Although radio frequency (RF) has been highly regarded in therapeutic treatments for decades now, it has gained traction for use in aesthetics treatments too.

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in Aesthetics”

The Dr. Nima
Signature Hydrafacial

Hydrafacial is a world-famous treatment that is also very popular here in London. It is said that somewhere around the world, the treatment is completed every fifteen seconds. Loved by many famous faces and influencers, they come to Dr. Nima for his Signature Hydrafacial which includes the following steps and stages to get the best skin of your life.

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Signature Hydrafacial”

The Ultimate
Lip Enhancers

Taking two years to formulate, test (never on animals) and develop; the ultimate lip enhancers by Dr. Nima are truly unique lip plumping products that have been specifically created to achieve a healthier, hydrated and plumped lip. With great detail, Dr. Nima has entirely constructed the Matt and the Gloss edition of this amazing product – allowing you to achieve increased lip size and definition whenever you want it.

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Lip Enhancers”

Cheek Fillers

Dr. Nima is known for achieving your desired look using dermal fillers and the cheek filler enhancement is one such popular example. Cheek filler is a popular enrichment to the cheekbone area as it works to add volume to the cheek area while also tweaking the aesthetic of your face. It also helps to get rid of those deflated or under projected areas by helping to add more of a visual and visible facial contour.

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Profile Balancing
in London

Profile balancing is becoming a very popular treatment in London. It is best described as a combination of dermal filler treatments being used in unification – in order to achieve the perfect balance and harmony of facial features. This is best seen when at the side view (also known as the profile) of the client’s face.

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in London”

Lip Fillers in London
with Dr. Nima

If looking for lip fillers in London, many famous faces and influencers seek out Dr. Nima for his artistic and careful touch that makes for beautifully natural results. He uses the industry-leading Juvéderm dermal filler products as they result in a supple and more natural feeling finish. Did you know that Juvéderm only supply their products to qualified and registered medical professionals when it comes to lip fillers in London and beyond? In this regard, this treatment with Dr. Nima keeps safety at the forefront with both premium products and with Dr. Nima being a verified practicioner to administer this treatment.

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with Dr. Nima”